Growing Your Yoga

Just like every tree starts out as a seed, so too does our yoga. With time and practice, your yoga will grow from seedling to sapling, all the way to a deep-rooted tree!

I teach three levels of yoga depending on where you are at in your practice. No two students are at the same level of yoga and having a personal yoga teacher will help you find out where you are and help you find out where you want to grow.

Here’s a little guide to help you decide where you are at in your yoga path. Take some time to consider how long you have practiced yoga, what experience you have in a class setting, and what you would like to grow your yoga into.

If you are just beginning then you are at Seedling Yoga:

  • Beginner Asana & Pranayama
  • Beginner meditation techniques
  • Key alignments of the body
  • Lifestyle shifts
  • $25 a session

If you have the foundations of yoga but are looking to add more to your practice, then you are at Sapling Yoga:

  • Intermediate Asana & Pranayama
  • Intermediate meditation techniques
  • Core strengthening
  • Journaling & personal reflection
  • $35 a session

Having spent a few years in yoga but want to learn more about the lifestyle and philosophy more, than you are ready for Deep Roots Tree Yoga:

  • Advanced Asana & Pranayama
  • Advance meditation techniques
  • Unification of breath and movement
  • Taking yoga into everyday life
  • Introduction to yoga philosophy and history
  • $45 a session

If you are interested in Growing Your Yoga, please contact me from the contact form below. I look forward to hearing from you!



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