I am back in my hometown of Sicamous after being away for fifteen years. I originally left to go to school and then stuck around after I started working. I had lots of adventures while living away but when my landlords decided in their wisdom to kick my roommate and me out so that they could put their daughter into our place, I decided that it was time to pull back away from my life in Kelowna.

So, I am back home with my parents and working remotely for my job. It’s nice having a quiet place to work. I have a nice desk and computer to work on and the constant company of Dexter, my dog. He’s loving being out here in the countryside. He’s got so much more room to run around and there are people around him all the time. He doesn’t have the hours of loneliness that he had when I worked out of the office.

I finally have stable ground by which to stand on in order to continue on with my schooling. I had planned on going back this fall for classes but this move ended up being a bit more costly than had thought it would. It took three truckloads, one large trailer, and about five full carloads to get me moved. The longer you stay in one place, the more stuff you collect. I ended up with a lot of stuff to deal with after being in Kelowna for fifteen years. I don’t intend to pick up any more stuff while I am settled in Sicamous, I don’t really need it.

I have been settled in for a week now and it’s a little strange still being back. I had never intended on returning here but here I am. It was blazing hot yesterday and so I drove to Silver Sands Beach Park just to take a quick dip in the lake. I haven’t been able to enjoy this summer at all since this whole movement started. It was the first time I feel the freedom to enjoy myself.

The term “boomerang” in regards to children who move home after living away, has been used in a negative way. I can understand why since there’s a huge stigma attached to moving back in with your parents once you have been on your own for a while. It’s seen as a “failure”, like you can’t make it on your own. Yeah, I can’t make it on my own and I didn’t have any support from my network in Kelowna who could help me because most of them are in a similar situation. So instead of making my life harder and stressing me out more, I pulled back to a place of safety and if you think for one moment that I regret this, you couldn’t be more wrong.

I knew that change was coming for me for a while now and I just needed a catalyst that I could not control to make it happen. I had been planning on joining the RCMP in the coming year but that changed once I completed my research on it. I won’t be joining as an officer but my goal is still to join them as a civilian. Once I get enough saved up, I will be returning to the UBC-O to complete the archeology training that I didn’t get to do when I was in school. I already have a degree so everything that I take from here on out will just be adding to that degree. The end game is to continue living at home, commute to school, and work part-time on the weekends.

In the meantime, I am paying off my car and settling into a more quiet life. Well, quiet enough for someone who enjoys going on road trips and camping.


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