Moving Update

After much thought and planning, I will being moving back into my family home and I will be working remotely. It all came down to a matter of numbers and cost of living. To be frank, Kelowna is just to damn expensive to live in. The rent is insane, the utilities are outrageously expensive in West Kelowna, and the traffic is getting to be a headache.

By moving home, I will be able to reduce my cost of living to a fraction of what I have been paying in Kelowna that last eight years. This will give me the ability to drop more into my monthly payments on my car to get it paid off faster. I only have 2.5 years left on it on my current payments, which I can then drop to a year if I double my current payments.

Working from home will also drop my others costs. I will no longer need to pay the extra insures for to and from work, I won’t need to pay the gas for commuting. Not to mention it will cut down on my habit of eating out at lunch. I can reduce my phone plan since I will have a landline with a good long distance plan. There only one major utility to pay for.

I moved to Kelowna in the fall of 2003 and I have been here since. I had been feeling like Kelowna is getting to be too expensive for a long time now but my job didn’t have the option to go remote before. We only recently started offering it and while I was resistance to the idea of moving home due to the stigma attached to it, I am actually looking forward to getting out of Kelowna for a while.

It’s going to be a bit of a major lifestyle change for me, going back to living a little more remote and not in a urban setting. Working from home will be the first major change. I am working with my parents to set up a special room in our house for an office for me. They have been busy getting it cleaned up and painted. Considering that it hasn’t been painted since we built the place in 1986, it’s long overdue for a renovation. This move gave us the excuse to do it.

The second major change will be the shift from independent living to living with my family again. I have been so used to doing everything on my own for so long that it will be nice to be a part of a team again. As much as I enjoyed living with friends, there wasn’t the same sense of responsibility with my friends as there is with family. Taking care of a house is a lot of work and it takes a team effort. It would have been different if I had lived alone and making my own mess but when you have more than one person, it takes everyone to do that part.

There is some strange anxiety over this move. I am going to be downsizing my belongings that I have needed to keep a whole household but I will be moving into a much larger space. It’s kind of nice getting rid of the things I no longer need but I will miss having my own space. I don’t know what my future will be or how things are going to play out.


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