A change in the wind

For all my best laid plans for 2018, they all just got a serious blow. I was issued a end of tenancy from my landlords because they want to move their daughter into our place. They said that they looked for a different place for her for September but couldn’t find anything. Of course they couldn’t, there won’t be any places up for September until at least July or August.

Kelowna is a hell of a town for trying to find a decent place to live for a decent rent. I love my current place and and I have been there for six years now. I am very upset to be moved out because of this. I have three months to find a unicorn of a new place to live.

That all being said, I have a backup plan. I just happen to work for a company that has the ability for me to work remotely. If I can secure a remote position, even just for a short time, it will allow me to move back in with my family in Sicamous. While I am there, I can put more focus on paying off my debt and help my parents out while I am there.

While I will definitely try to find a place in Kelowna, I no longer need to stress about not having a roof over my head or having to find a place for Dexter, my dog. This is a good place to move forward from.

So, if you are one of my old friends from Sicamous, this is a heads up! You might be seeing me around again and I would very much like to touch base with you.


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