Travel Blog: Vancouver

This past weekend, I took a trip to visit some friends in Vancouver and to see a concert. The trip started out a little rough with some severe winter weather causing some major delays leaving Kelowna.

To make the best of it, I went to have lunch at the White Spot in the lounge and there I shared a table with a man working in a similar industry as my own. We chatted about music and working in the tech industry. We had some similar former co-workers and he invited me to check out his company in case I was interested in changing jobs.

I finally made it into Vancouver around 7pm and my lovely friends picked me up from the airport. We had an awesome dinner at a ramen place. I tried Japanese curry for the first time and loved it. Afterwards, we went back to their place and they showed me all the pictures from their Japanese trip and shared their stories. They brought be back a very cool travel cup from the Osaka Starbucks.

The next day was spent hanging out, listening to records, doing some shopping at Daiso, and watching old animations. It had been forever since I had watched Atlantis and Road to Eldorado. I somehow managed to polish off a bottle of my favorite red wine in the process.

The next day, I headed out to check into my hostel and hang out with a different friend for the afternoon. We had a lovely chat over some nachos at my favorite pub, Malone’s. After which I headed back to the hostel to get ready for the concert only to find out that the band that I had been looking forward to seeing had been denied entry to the country and would not be performing that night.

I was so bummed out that I didn’t even want to go see the other bands performing. At which time I met a man from Boston who was looking for a nice place for dinner. I asked him if he didn’t mind taking a trek out to Commercial Drive. Since he had no idea where that was, I went with him and we had dinner at Stormcrow. The rest of the night was spent drinking, playing a card game about news headlines, and talking politics between Canada and the United States. So what started out as a bummer of a night turned into one of the most memorable conversations with a stranger I have ever had.

The next day, I took the Skytrain back out to YVR which was way smoother than taking a taxi and a hell of a lot cheaper too. I ended up there early so I just watched some downloaded episodes of Aquarius that were on my tablet.

I am happy to say that I enjoyed flying with Faire Airlines and I will likely be flying with them in the future. I am even looking at flying out to Toronto on them in the future.

~ Clara D. Munro


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