My Never Take It Off Vow

I recently came across an idea for helping to keep yourself accountable to your actions or promise of action. It showed up in my life as a product from a company called “Never Take It Off” that partners with artists to create limited edition jewellery, like bracelets and necklaces.

The purpose of these bracelets and necklaces is to come up with a promise to yourself, put on the item, and then leave it on until it either breaks or falls off. They can be things like, “I will not have another drink while I wear this item,” or, “I will make sure to follow my dream of being ______.” Essentially, this is not a new idea. It’s similar to tying a string around your finger in order to remember to do something. It’s like an expansion on friendship or WWJD bracelets.

I picked up one of the snowflake bracelets designed for Juliet Simms, a singer who I started listening to this summer who has a kind of Americana sound to her music. She came in second on the Voice at some point, which is pretty cool. She’s also totally independent and works hard for everything that she’s earned. I’m actually pretty inspired by her. The reason why I picked up one of these braceletes was because I wanted support the artists and the causes that Never Take It Off support. I know that I could have made one of these bracelets myself but that wasn’t the point. I purchase it during the holidays as part of my way of giving back and giving to myself.

So, here’s my “Never Take It Off” vow:

I vow to not sacrifice practice for procedure.

Meaning, I will continue to keep practicing, keep improving, and keep following my dream of writing and recording music.




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