Rest and Relaxation

It’s been ages since I had a decent vacation. Last summer, I waited way too long before going on my summer trip. It was at that time when I started planning the trip to Hawaii that I am currently on. I am about half way through this trip and it’s the longest trip I have been on in years.

It took about three or four days to finally unwind and let myself relax. We are currently in our second place on the island and it’s much quieter than our last one. It feels like more of a beach house and the gardens are spectacular. The Hilo side of the Big Island is a lot more muggy than the Kona side but the pace around here seems a lot more chill.

So far, I have been to a few historical sites, including the Place of Refuge and the Hulihe’e Palace. I have traveled all the way to the southern most point of the United States. I have gone snorkeling and surfing. I can’t wait to go check out the hot pools, the Lava tubes, and the volcano this week.

I may have fallen in love with the geckos here, I wonder if I can smuggle one back with me?

The point that I wanted to make with all this way to stress the importance of going on vacation. It is important to to trips like these. They are a million times more valuable than any thing. I am glad that I suggested going on this trip instead of doing traditional Christmas this year. What we have done here will stay with us longer than any gift ever could.

More over, I am glad that we choose to come to the Big Island rather than one of the more popular vacation islands in the Hawaiian Islands. The Big Island is more wild and you get the sense of new and untamed from it. Geologically, it’s the youngest of all the islands in the chain of Hawaiian islands. When you see field and field of dry lava bed, you know that there’s still so much time that’s needed for this island to mature. Even from a civilization point of view, Hawaii has a lot still left to develop but unlike the mainland, Hawaii has already taken great steps into the world of conservation and alternative energy.

I will likely be coming back to this island someday. I said the same thing about Haida Gwaii. Both of these islands have left a standing impact on me. I still have more to explore in Hawaii and I hope that I can visit the other islands in the chain someday.

Aloha for now!

Clara D. Munro


2 thoughts on “Rest and Relaxation

  1. Hello Clara,

    nice post and if you have notice, pictures are wonderful 🙂

    Keep writing


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