NaNoWriMo2017 has begun

I am off to a good start today! I came home from work at 2pm, took Dexter for an hour long walk, and then settled in to write my daily 1667 words.

I have decided that rather than trying to write connected chapters everyday, I would simply title each daily documents as the day’s date and then write a portion of the story.

I managed to get a rough idea for the stories direction figured out during the month of October. I also get my four main characters decided on, their rough bios, and their story directions.

The story itself is a mystery plot and the main character, Lillian Wilde, is trying to find out where the thirty people who just arrived in her town came from and why they have no memories of who they are.

I don’t intend to write a daily blog post about my progress in this exercise in creating a habit but I will post a weekly update on my word count and any wins or struggles I have found a long the way.

I freed up my whole month from obligations in order to see if I can do this and finish this year. I really hope all my prep work pays off.



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