On the Importance of Good Red

I never used to be able to enjoy a glass of red wine. Ever since I was about nineteen years old and I tried red wine for the first time, I would get headaches. Not your normal little headaches, no, I would get a full blown migraine that would sent me off to bed with blackout shades.

This year, I decided to give drinking red wine a chance again. I went into it with an open mind about it and decided that if headaches were going to happen, I would test out different reds to see if it was and all or nothing situation.

I am by no means a wine expert but I have been on enough wine tours and tastings in the last couple of years to get a better appreciation for the process of winemaking and how to properly “taste” wine. For me, the most important part was learning to drink with my nose first and tongue second.

I have come to a couple of conclusions since taking on drinking red wine. The first is that I love the smell and flavor of red wine. The second is that I do not get migraines from it. As of yet, I have not had a headache from red wine alone. Now, I do tend to only have maybe half a glass at a time and I always have water when I am done.


I would like to share my latest red wine find with you. It’s a winery called Apothic. It has some gothic style branding and it’s almost Victorian in its labeling. You kind of get a steampunk vibe off of the bottle when you see it on the shelves of the liquor store.

I have tried the Red, Dark, and Crush reds by Apothic. My favorite is the Apothic Red, it has a very sweet taste with a hint of chocolate at the end. The Apothic Dark is smoky with a berry after taste. The Apothic Crush is somewhere in between the two.

Red wine is now my go to choice of adult beverage. It’s also the wine I like to drink when I am writing or working on my NaNoWriMo project. It’s a nice evening alternative to coffee (my first love) and it doesn’t keep me up all night.

If you are someone who is worried about getting headaches from red wine, I feel your pain. I am just glad that I was able to find three different wines that don’t give me headaches and that taste pretty good to me. While Apothic is not a “local” wine, I still really enjoy it. It’s not that expensive either, which is good for someone on a limited budget these days.  I would like to thank two of my closes friends for introducing me to Apothic, you two are the best.



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