For the Love of a Good Book

autum-fall-indie-hipster-books-leafs-autumn-leaves-reading-cute-bootsReading has always been an escape for me. I can remember summer vacations where I would spend all day on the beach reading my newest obsession. I eat through books in just a few days. I don’t tend to re-read books as I feel like there’s just so many out there that I can’t get to them all.

I have actually started writing down the books that I want to finish reading in my lifetime. The books on these lists are more classical. While I love modern science fiction and fantasy, I have been drawn to the more classical literature lately. On the top of my reading list is “Gone with the Wind” by Margaret Mitchell. I have been drawn to American Historical fiction for a while now, ever since the first time I read “Tom Sawyer” in elementary school. There’s something romantic about reading about an era that long since been forgotten.

I enjoy reading both physical and digital books. Reading on my tablet, allows me to leave notes as I come across them in the book and I tend to read faster but there’s something about the feel of the pages in a real book that makes me feel cozy and nostalgic. As the days grow darker sooner, my desire to cuddle up in a blanket on my couch with a cup of hot apple cider and a book get’s stronger. There’s something magical about following a set of characters as they grow and change throughout a book.

Literature is one of the ways that humans can express their thoughts, desires, and passions. It’s also one of the best ways to find common ground between people. Language allows us to share our culture with each other. Stories are how we can share our life experiences with each other. I think it’s why I enjoy writing blogs so much. It’s my way of sharing my life with others in a way that’s relatable. I don’t know if I will ever write a book or get published but writing a blog is a way for me to share my love of the written word that’s affordable for everyone. The only thing is costs me is time and energy.

I have a reading list that you can check out here. It’s filled with books and authors that I have always wanted to read. I will be updating this page as I finish up the books. I hope to also do a little write up on the ones I finish so that you can see what I learned from them.

I am also always on the lookout for other books and poems to read, if you have any suggestions for me, please post them in the comments below.



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