A Change in the Air


Have you felt it yet, the cool crisp change in the air at night? Here in Kelowna, BC, Canada, our mornings are starting to feel a little cooler, the first yellow leaves are starting to fall, and the squash are finally ripening. All of these things signal that Autumn is almost here.

September is the start to the harvest season in the valley, we have a rich harvest of apples, pears, grapes, and tree nuts. I cannot wait to be able to enjoy the walnuts from the tree in my front yard. My dad took a few of those nuts and has started growing them in at my family home.

Fall marks the time of the year when I am starting to ready my yard for the winter, when my inner squirrel takes over and stores food, and my desire to start knitting kicks into full gear. I have enjoyed a summer filled with travelling, visits with family, and weddings. I am ready for a relaxing fall filled with lazy walks with my pumpkin spiced latte (yeah, I love those drinks) and my dog in cute sweaters.

As much as I am anticipating the gifts of Autumn, it is still warm out during the day here. I can see the week cooling off but it’s still nice out. The smoke from the fires is starting to fade and the air is breathable again. I think one of the reasons this summer has gone by so quickly is because I had to hide inside so much of it. I used those evenings to go take yoga classes, take my dog to the dog park, hanging out on my patio, and reading some novels that I have always wanted to.

I have also been hanging out with friends, having dinners, and just catching up. I was really happy to be able to see most of my friends this summer at weddings and gatherings. I have missed being with them. Our lives have been taking totally different directions and it’s only natural that we don’t see one another as often as we would like. We actually have to schedule in events so that we do see one another or else the time just gets away on us.

A couple weeks back, one of my friends moved away because he got a teaching job in another town that’s four hours away. He and his family will be leaving our little group. He’s just one in many who had to leave because work took them elsewhere. This is how things go and we were so lucky to have had the times we all did. I don’t think this is goodbye forever, I think we will see them for visits in the future but our time will always be short.

Time is a funny thing, when you are young, you think you have all the time in the world and when you are older, you don’t think you have enough of it. While we may all live to be in our eighties, some of us won’t and that makes this time in our younger years all that more important. When we are sitting in our old age homes, thinking back on our thirties, I hope we all have good memories to reflect back on. We can think about all those games we played, those times drinking at parties, having philosophical conversations, solving the world’s problems, and words of encouragement.

Change is in the air for sure but there’s still lots of warm weather left to enjoy. While I might not be going swimming, the trails are still there. I have not been hiking much since May since it’s been too dangerous but my favorite trail is open again. I will have to strap on my boots this weekend and take a walk along familiar trails and enjoy the reward of a good hike as I sit on the top of the mountain.



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