Country Mouse

274c86271c7185d984789b065242bb9c--tailgate-parties-tailgatingFor the majority of my life, I hated country music. I think it was the twang of the singers that annoyed me. Lately, I have been coming around to country music because I think that I got over the annoyance of the vocals and I can now appreciate the songwriting that goes into the music.

Now, I am not about to switch gears and get myself a pickup truck, start wearing cowboy boots, and hitting up the Calgary Stampede but there’s something familiar about the lyrics in a country music song. It reminds me of where I grew up, of times when I helped bale hay, when I drove a truck along rural back roads.

Last weekend, I was at a country fair that I used to go to as a kid. It was good to be reminded that I am not a city mouse and that I have always been a country mouse. Looking at cows, pigs, sheep, and horses made me long for the days when I was surrounded by them each and everyday. I saw a horse there that reminded me of the one my best friend used to ride. I never really got into horses when I was young, I didn’t feel the pull towards them until I got older. It’s been on my bucket list to learn to ride since I was in my twenties.

It’s not just horses that I wouldn’t mind learning to care for, it’s cows, chickens, and sheep too. I could see myself having a small hobby farm with some sheep for wool, a dairy cow for milk, and chickens for eggs. What I wouldn’t give to learn to product my own wool and spin my own yarn.

Sometimes, I go for a drive out the back roads outside the city that I live in now just to get back to that feeling. I put on some Carrie Underwood and just belt out the lyrics with her. Sometimes I feel like she’s my spirit animal with the way that she sings and the stories that she tells. Some of the male artists like Sam Hunt, know how to write songs that make me almost cry because they sing about that classic home town beauty that men from the city just don’t understand.

Country music makes me feel romantic in ways that other music cannot. Even though the songs are super corny sometimes, they have this classic feel to them. They are the songs you want to play at your wedding because they make everyone in the room cry. As I grow older, I start caring less and less about what other people think of me or what I enjoy. I feel less of a need to justify my actions or my choices. There’s something about the way country songs are arranged that gets to me and makes me feel happy.

I have been single for a while now and up till recently, I couldn’t stand to listen to music about love and romance. Listening to a Country Love playlist on Spotify has been helpful in reminding me that romance and love are beautiful things. It’s okay that I am not currently in love with anyone right now because I still believe that it’s something I will find again someday. Maybe what I really want is a guy who is cool with driving out a back country road and having a picnic on the tailgate while we enjoy the sound of the radio and the gold sun of summer’s end. Yeah, that’s my own country song right there.



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